International Commission on Poplars and Other Fast-Growing Trees Sustaining People and the Environment
Cremona, Italy. Cattle grazing in hybrid poplar planting ©FAO/ISP

Working parties

IPC carries out its mandate by supporting research and sustainable management of fast-growing trees through five international, cross-disciplinary working parties:

  • WP-GEN - Working Party on Genetic Resources;
  • WP-PRO - Working Party on Production Systems for the Bioeconomy; 
  • WP-POL - Working Party on Policy and Livelihood 
  • WP-ENV - Working Party on Environmental and Ecosystem Services; 
  • WP-COM - Working Party on Communication and Outreach. 

Members of the working parties meet in regular sessions or through 'virtual' networks to exchange ideas and develop proposals, which are then presented to Member Countries for adoption in formal sessions. The working parties are the operational arm of the IPC and has engaged into the development of knowledge products and initiatives throughout the years. These working parties were established in late 2022 to reflect the expanded mandate of the IPC.