Comisión Internacional del Álamo y otros Árboles de Crecimiento Rápido que Sustentan a la Población y al Medio Ambiente

Zoom meeting guidelines for participants

This Virtual Meeting will be held using the platform Zoom. Interpretation will be available.

Participants can access Zoom from all devices, via web browser or App.

We strongly recommend downloading the App on your device for a better user experience and connecting your computer via an Ethernet (land wire) cable to your router, rather than using Wi-Fi. Disconnect all other devices from your network.

Zoom regularly provides new versions of the App. It is strongly recommended to check for updates frequently to ensure that the new features will work and to enhance the security of the App.

Please pay specific attention to the following procedures:

1. Click on the link received in the invitation and proceed with the registration for the meeting.

2. Enter your data in the Registration Form, making sure that your Country/Organization Name is inserted in English and in capital letters in the First Name field.

3. You will then receive a confirmation email with the link to access the virtual meeting room. FAO recommends completing the registration procedure at least 30 minutes before the start of the Meeting.

4. Please note that the biggest impediment to interpretation is poor sound quality. In this regard, please do not use your built-in computer microphone, as it will not provide sufficient sound quality.

• Use a USB-headset with integrated microphone.

• If not available, cellphone earphones/mic are better than none, but only wired, not Bluetooth.

• If no headset/mic is available, an external USB-wired microphone is the next best solution.

If participants are in a group and have to use one microphone, make sure whoever is speaking is close to the microphone.

5. Turn off all sound notifications (Skype, WhatsApp, emails, etc.) while attending the meeting and ensure you are in a place with no background noise or echo.

6. Make sure you enter the virtual meeting room in Mute mode and click the Unmute button only when speaking [1].

7. Select the language you wish to listen to in the Interpretation menu [4].

8. If you wish to take the floor, use the Raise Hand function in the Participants menu [3].

9. Please have your video on when you take the floor [2].

10. Please note that if you make an intervention in another language than the one that you are listening to, you need to turn interpretation off by selecting Off in the Interpretation menu.

11. Please adjust your speech to the remote distance environment (speak slower and more clearly, avoid excessive use of acronyms, etc.)

12. If you are planning to read a statement, send it to: [email protected] prior to delivery and read it slowly. The interpreters will always treat the text as confidential and check against delivery.

13. In a virtual meeting, audio quality may deteriorate unexpectedly and become insufficient for interpretation purposes. Interpreters will indicate this verbally and resume interpretation as soon as the sound quality permits.