Comisión Internacional del Álamo y otros Árboles de Crecimiento Rápido que Sustentan a la Población y al Medio Ambiente

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Infographic: Illustrating the successes of IPC in using fast-growing tree species to improve livelihoods and ecosystem services since 1947

Poplars and willows: Sustaining livelihoods in urban and peri-urban forests in China

Illustrates the many production and protection services of poplars and willows and their important role in improving people’s livelihoods in urban and peri-urban areas and neighbouring agricultural lands, in a country as densely populated as China. 2018.

Poplars and willows: Trees for society and the environment

Guide to basic characteristics, cultivation and use of poplars and willows, as well as issues, problems and trends, synthesizing current knowledge, technology and research. Fully illustrated in black and white, with three sections of colour plates. Co-publication of FAO and the Centre for Agricultural Bioscience International (CABI). Edited by J.G. Isebrands and J. Richardson. 2014. 

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Unasylva issues and articles dedicated to poplars and willows

Field handbook: Poplar harvesting

Practical guidelines for developing efficient, cost wise and secure harvesting systems. 2008.

Damaging poplar insects: Internationally important species

Guide to insect species of international importance, main types of damage, impact and integrated pest management methods.

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