Коронивийская программа совместной работы в области сельского хозяйства


Topic 2(e) - Improved livestock management systems, including agropastoral production systems and others

Livestock systems are crucial for food security and livelihoods and support the resilience of hundreds of millions of rural people across the world. They are, however, a major source of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, accounting for nearly 14.5 percent of the total. Hence, there is a need to balance the benefits of animal-source foods and the livelihoods of livestock keepers, with the urgent need to limit the global temperature increase to below two degrees Celsius. Through the adoption of best management practices, the sector can reduce its environmental impacts and become more efficient in the use of natural resources while ensuring food security. FAO estimates that improved management practices alone could reduce net emissions from livestock systems by about 30 percent.

What FAO is doing

FAO continues to support countries in developing sustainable and resilient livestock systems through strengthening the knowledge and evidence base, developing tools and piloting, validating technical and policy options, and facilitating dialogue through intergovernmental and multi-stakeholder fora, resulting in better integration of livestock solutions in climate actions.

Support includes providing tools, methodologies and protocols to assess GHG emissions; building country capacities for addressing climate change in the livestock sector; and helping countries to access climate finance. Furthermore, FAO has outlined five practical actions towards low-carbon livestock to support national climate action.

Key Koronivia publications & documents


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