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FAO upon recommendation of its members identified the need to initiate a comprehensive analysis, evaluation and documentation of relevant forestation and restoration programmes and projects in drylands, in collaboration with its member countries, local partner organizations and international institutions and organizations. This endeavour will aim at compiling and evaluating the lessons learnt and developing operational guidelines for the restoration of degraded forests and lands within the difficult environmental and socio-economic framework conditions in arid zones, for the benefits of the local population. The study will focus on Mediterranean type ecosystems (Mediterranean basin, South Africa, SW Australia, Chile and NW America), the Sahel and other dryland countries in Africa, West and Central Asia, Northern China and Latin America. For this purpose, FAO developed a comprehensive Forest Restoration Monitoring Tool to analyse and evaluate field projects/programs and to help guide project implementers in compiling the lessons learnt, analysing and monitoring the performance and impacts of forest restoration projects and programmes The applicability of this tool is currently being field-tested prior to large-scale application. If you would like to participate in this field test and you are willing to share your experience and lessons learnt from forestation and forest restoration projects/programs you are involved in, please fill this monitoring tool as far as possible (one for each project or programme) and return the tool to: [email protected] with copy to [email protected] The results of this process will be included in a comprehensive FAO expert report that will be shared with all contributors, and will be used as the basis for the formulation of operational guidelines for forest restoration in drylands. All contributors will be duly acknowledged in this report.

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