Terres et eaux


Marseille, France | 3-11 September 2021
This week global conservation experts will convene at the IUCN World Conservation Congress to set priorities and drive conservation and sustainable development action. The IUCN’s 1400+ government, civil society and indigenous peoples’ member organisations will vote on major issues, resulting in actions which can guide humanity’s relationship with our planet...
The agriculture sector is at a pivotal moment and finding innovative solutions is essential to meeting water, energy and food demands. Circular approaches can help close the nutrient loop between the sanitation and agriculture sectors whilst addressing major global water, energy and food security issues. FAO and the Toilet Board Coalition...
Two new reports from FAO map water stress levels and underscore urgency of water efficiency
New reports focus on Water-use efficiency and level of water stress indicators
The Integrated Monitoring Initiative for SDG6 (IMI-SDG6) team at FAO has elaborated two reports that highlight the latest progress by countries on the achievement of SDG target 6.4, in coordination with UN-Water and the 8 custodian agencies of the SDG6 indicators.   One report is focused on indicator 6.4.1 which has been...
The Land and Water Division of FAO is currently engaged in a number of project and activities to strengthen resilient agricultural production systems to enhance food security. In an era of anthropogenic-induced environmental change defined by increasing hydrometeorological variability - exemplified by an increase in the severity and intensity of...
Monday 23 August | 17:00 - 18:25 CEST    Simultaneous translation in FR & ES -- Wednesday 25 August | 07:30 - 08:55 CEST Simultaneous translation in AR & RU As a member of the Integrated Monitoring Initiative for SDG6, coordinated by UN-Water (IMI-SDG6), and custodian agency for SDG indicator 6.4.1 (change in water-use efficiency)...
Agriculture is essential to achieving food security and supporting livelihoods and economies. Population increase, unsustainable production and consumption patterns, and climate change are critical drivers for increasing water stress. Urgent responses are required to improve agriculture water management, well integrated with other competitive sectors, particularly in water scarce regions. Sustainable...
Side-event in English available here. French version available here. See also the summary and highlights from the event here. For more information on the event and to see the agenda, visit the dedicated webpage.