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New report highlights pathways for drought finance in agriculture

The new FAO publication "Enabling pathways for drought finance in agriculture” is now available. 

Although risk-based approaches to disaster management are particularly effective, the rapid start-up of risk financing is hardly conceivable in the case of a drought that has been grossly underfinanced. Even if existing resources are spent more effectively, the gap far exceeds the active finance flows. Creating an enabling environment for the financial sector is the first step to intensifying investments, and it must be done by aligning the interest of the involved actors, including public and private stakeholders, the development and scientific community, and the impacted sectors. 

The report provides an in-depth analysis of the structural particularities and the status of drought finance. It lines up pathways to stimulate the financial environment by proposing innovative strategies, in other words, enabling pathways. It responds to the pressing concern of what innovative instruments and strategies should be used to make drought finance attractive for all sectors. The goal is to roll out larger-scale programmes to enable drought financing to yield a good return, thus supporting the efforts of the global community to build drought resilience through increased finance flows. 

Download the publication here >>>