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AquaCrop version 7 now online

AquaCrop is a crop growth model developed by FAO's Land and Water Division to address food security and assess the effect of the environment and management on crop production.

A new Version (Version 7.0) of AquaCrop is now available and can be downloaded here.

The new version is available for major operating systems (Windows, Linux, and Mac OS) with new features that include:

  • Perennial herbaceous forage crops (alfalfa);
  • Fine-tuning of some simulation processes;
  • Harmonization of crop parameters;
  • New calibrated crops (cassava, ...).

Training materials like video tutorials, training handbooks and reference manuals are also presented, together with flagship FAO publications and key documents.

For more information, visit the AquaCrop website and stay in contact with us through the dedicated mailbox: [email protected]