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World Water Day 2024 – Water for Peace – Address by Lifeng Li
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This year’s theme, "Water for Peace” underscores the profound impact of water management on socio-political dynamics worldwide.Water can create peace or spark conflict. Agriculture, which accounts for 72% of global freshwater withdrawals, is one of the keys to fostering lasting peace and security. Indeed, agriculture is a cornerstone for peace [...]
World Wetlands Day Celebration Webcast
The 2024 World Wetlands Day raises global awareness about the importance of wetlands for human prosperity and a healthy planet. It focuses on the interconnectedness between wetlands and various aspects of human wellbeing, including physical, mental and environmental health. The objectives of the celebration are to: raise awareness on wetlands [...]
Wetlands - A celebration of nature’s wonder
Our diverse and extraordinary wetlands provide many benefits to both nature and communities. FAO promotes conservation, restoration and sustainable use of terrestrial and marine ecosystems including wetlands, because they contribute to food security and a transformation to more efficient, inclusive, resilient, and sustainable agri-food systems for better production, better nutrition, [...]
Land cover standards in action
The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) plays a crucial role in global efforts to combat hunger and ensure food security, recognizing the significance of data collection, harmonization, consistency and standards in addressing environmental challenges. By developing international standards on land cover and land use, such as [...]
Shapes of Water – Art Exhibition at FAO Headquarters
Water is the lifeblood of our planet. It underpins all of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and is central to the entire 2030 Agenda. The current water crisis has emerged as one of the most pressing challenges of our time, impacting food security, livelihoods, and the well-being of billions of [...]
2nd WASAG International Forum – Summary (Extended version)
In Praia, Cabo Verde, West Africa, from 7-10 February 2023 FAO and the Government of Cabo Verde hosted the 2nd WASAG International Forum on the topic of “Making agriculture resilient for climate change: Water scarcity, an opportunity for action and collaboration” The forums objectives were to mobilize political commitment to [...]
Eight actions we can all take to save water
Water is vital to us all, so everyone needs to act. Every drop counts and your actions, big or small, can make a difference. Every action counts.
Healthy soils: the foundation of healthy food and a better environment
In the framework of the Global Symposium on Soils for Nutrition (GSOIL4N), held at FAO HQ on 26-29 July 2022, the FAO’s Global Soil Partnership produced the video “Healthy soils: the foundation of healthy food and a better environment”. The video aims to raise awareness on the risks associated with [...]
Rome Water Dialogue - 29.11.2022 - Morning Session
Water is one of the world´s most important resources. It is central to agriculture that accounts for 72 percent of global freshwater withdrawals, to other economic sectors and is core to achieve the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. While there is increasing awareness of water importance, there is still a [...]
Community and indigenous strategies for climate change adaptation – WASAG Webinar - 29.09.2022
Climate change has become an urgent challenge for life and the Earth. Populations at disproportionately higher risk of adverse consequences with global warming of 1.5℃ and beyond include disadvantaged and vulnerable populations, some indigenous peoples, and local communities dependent on agricultural or coastal livelihoods (IPCC, 2018).  However, indigenous communities across the [...]
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