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Speech by FAO Land and Water Deputy Director
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The opening ceremony of the 23rd ICID Congress and 68th IEC Meeting was inaugurated on 9 October 2017 by the Mexican President H.E. Enrique Peña Nieto in the presence of Mexico City Mayor H.E. Miguel Ángel Mancera Espinosa; Mr. Roberto Ramirez de la Parra, Director General, CONAGUA; Mr. Guang Zhe [...]
Wastewater can act as an alternative to fertilizers
Treated wastewater provides valuable nutrients to plants and crops, reducing the need for fertilizers.
Drought and Agriculture
To meet the Sustainable Development Goals, the world needs to move faster from a crisis-led response to a proactive approach that reduces impacts, builds resilience and allows people to cope with drought. The tools, systems and techniques are already available. FAO supports countries to increase resilience of livelihoods to threats [...]
Soil Organic Carbon – the treasure beneath our feet
An animated illustration of soil organic carbon and its importance for climate action, food production, and sustainable development
Adapting irrigation to climate change in Africa (AICCA) - Interview Series
Interviews taken during the Country-phase  Inception Workshop Ivory Coast, The Gambia, Mali and Niger. Bouaké, Ivory Coast   |   6 - 8 February 2017  
Aquacrop Training Videos
AquaCrop, the crop water productivity model developed by the Land and Water Division of FAO now has a set of 43 training videos which have been developed to help users to learn how to use AquaCrop and its practical applications. Each video focuses on a specific feature of the model [...]
Soils and Pulses: symbiosis for life
This short animation introduces the new book “Soils and Pulses: symbiosis for life”. Pulses contribute to soil health, food security and nutrition, and climate change adaptation and mitigation. Their actions on Nitrogen fixation, phosphate ions solubilisation, and soil organic matter content increase benefit other plants and participate to protecting soils [...]
Video interview on new Global Water Scarcity Framework with AGL Director Eduardo Mansur and Senior Officer Karen Frenken
A SIWI Sofa video interview from World water Week in Stockholm featuring Land and Water Division Director Eduardo Mansur and FAO Senior Officer and AQUASTAT programme leader Karen Frenken, on the new FAO initiative Coping with water scarcity in agriculture: a global framework for action in a changing climate.
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