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Piloting Soil Productivity Improvement activities in Farmer Field Schools in Kagera Region, north-western Tanzania

This pilot programme was implemented in 2001-2003 building on the IPPM-FFS Programme - IFAD/FAO, for which support was requested to improve the curriculum and technical capacity initially in the area of soil productivity improvement. A Collaborative Agreement was launched in December 2001 by FAO, KAEMP, IFAD/FAO IPPM-FFS Project, the Bukoba District Department of Agriculture and other partners to pilot Soil Productivity Improvement through Farmer Field Schools in Bukoba District.This and related work with Farmer Field Schools in Kenya on Land and Water management led to the development of training materials and human resources capacity building. This work will be expanded through the Terrafrica Programme (GEF funded, FAO executed), through the 'Transboundary Agro-ecosystem Management Programme for the Kagera River Basin (Kagera TAMP)' and through the project 'Using FFS Approaches to overcome Land Degradation in Agro pastoral areas of Kenya'


The objective of the pilot programme was to strengthen and equip farming communities, farmer and service providers (extensionists, facilitators and NGOs) with better rain-fed land management skills, and decision-making capacity to overcome soil productivity limitations, and to enhance sustainable and economically viable land management practices, through the use of Farmer Field Schools.