FAO in Lao People's Democratic Republic


The guidelines are the first comprehensive, global instrument on tenure and its administration to be prepared through intergovernmental negotiations. The guidelines set out principles and internationally accepted standards of responsible practices for the use and control of land, fisheries and forests. They provide guidance for improving the policy, legal and organizational frameworks that regulate tenure rights; for enhancing the transparency and administration of tenure systems; and for strengthening the capacities and operations of public bodies, private sector enterprises, civil society organizations and people concerned with tenure and its governance. The guidelines place the governance of tenure within the context of national food security, and are intended to contribute to the progressive realization of the right to adequate food, poverty eradication, environmental protection and sustainable social and economic development.
This report is the result of a desk study prepared by the FRA secretariat in Rome, which summarizes existing available information using the established format for FRA 2010 country reports. FAO, at the request of its member countries, regularly monitors the world’s forests and their management and uses through the Forest Resources Assessment Programme. This country report forms part of the Global Forest Resources Assessment 2010 (FRA 2010).
The National Nutrition Strategy is based on a holistic causal analysis of the malnutrition situation in Lao PDR and forms a comprehensive approach to address the underlying problems from a ‘farm to table’ food chain perspective. On the basis of this analysis, strategic directions and objectives have been defined to address the immediate, underlying and the basic causes of malnutrition. A plan of action is also incorporated to overview resource mobilization and means of implemention, monitoring and evaluation. This National Nutrition Strategy forms the strategic guideline for all stakeholders in the field of nutrition and food security in Lao PDR to address malnutrition challenges.  
dia internacionar de la alimentacion
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