Служба разработки законодательства


Legal support available at FAO:

  • Member countries and regional organizations receive legislative support upon request;
  • Support to the development of international treaties and other norm-setting instruments;
  • Legal research and publication of legislative studies and papers;
  • Maintaining databases of national legislation and international agreements concerning food and agriculture;
  • Contribution to the legal components of FAO projects in accordance with the Organization’s strategic objectives and in alignment with the Sustainable Development Goals;
  • Advice on regulatory aspects of current themes such as law and climate change, gender equality, agribusiness operations, the right to food, the right to water and the prevention of potential conflicts arising from the competition for natural resources;
  • Support to FAO’s negotiations with donors and to delivery of FAO programmes;
  • Support to standard setting activities of FAO (e.g. CODEX, IPPC);
  • Support to the development of international agreements on food and agriculture (e.g. CODEX and IPPC).