The Development Law Service

Implementation of the Coastal Fisheries Initiative - West Africa

Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire 10/04/2022 17/04/2022

Under the supervision of the FAO Development Law Service of the Legal Office (LEGN), the project is currently undertaking in Côte d'Ivoire an assessment of the legal and regulatory framework. A main objective of this mission is to engage with key stakeholders (national and local authorities, members of the socio-professional organizations of the fishing communities as well as the national project team) to clarify the government's position and outline the recommendations and conclusions of the FAO for a better consideration of legal issues related to international obligations and national ambitions of the government of Cote d'Ivoire. The mission enabled discussions with key stakeholders on how to improve coherence amongst the various legal initiatives the country is currently carrying out in a perspective of comprehensiveness and complementarity. This to strengthen the synergy in the articulation of the different legal initiatives and related instruments being developed, for a coherent and sensible legal framework for improved food security and nutrition in the fisheries sector for all, including women and vulnerable groups. 

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