Legal Services for Development


On 13 October 2021, the FAO Development Law Service, in collaboration with Université Laval, WHO, UNICEF, IDLO and UN Nutrition, held a successful Side Event at the 49th Session of the Committee on World Food Security (CFS) on ‘Human Rights,...
  In this issue: World Food Day Lecture – Transformative Change: the law as a driver of better agri-food systems Transforming agri-food systems Enhancing the impact and accessibility of legal knowledgeToo many cooks spoil the broth? The case of ocean governance Protecting pollinators from...
La publicación, que se realizó con apoyo de la Cooperación Española y en el ámbito de la Iniciativa para Ampliar la Escala de la Agroecología, fue otorgada a la comisión de agricultura del Parlamento Latinoamericano y Caribeño. 10 de septiembre, Ciudad...
  In this issue: Law as an indispensable tool to achieving SDG 16 on Indigenous Peoples' collective rights to land, territories, and other natural resources An online “Legal-Hub” to inform participatory law reform processes on Sustainable Wildlife Management (SWM) Too many cooks spoil the...
Land is central to the livelihood, culture and identity of millions of people across the world. But the relationships between geographical spaces, law, and society are complex and continue to shape the content and application of tenure rights in natural...
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