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The Library's digital resources are listed here below and include among others the 'Big four' most prominent publishers in science: Elsevier, Springer Nature, Wiley and Taylor & Francis, but also JSTOR (one of the most popular digital libraries of scholarly journals in the academic world) and bibliographic databases like the Web of Science, CAB Abstracts and ProQuest Central.


FAO employees
can access and download resources through the EZproxy gateway, an access and authentication tool used by libraries to provide access to restricted-access publications and research databases.

To access resources it is enough to authenticate yourself once a day with your FAO credentials as you usually do when you start working to access your FAO applications (infact most of the times you are already authenticated as an FAO user before you get to this page). Once you are authenticated you can access the individual resources by clicking on the EZproxy access links listed here below or by browsing the FAO version of the Library Discovery interface, a single search interface to browse the Library's extensive online and print collections and to download subscribed digital content. 

If for any reason you end up in the public version (for external researchers) of the Discovery interface - accessible at www.fao.org/library/search - just click on the yellow banner at the top and you will be automatically taken to the FAO full-text version.

External researchers can access the citations coming from the FAO Library's catalog covering the library's physical and permanent digital collections through the public version of the Discovery. Full-text can only be accessed while visiting the Library at FAO headquarters in Rome  (See the procedures for external researchers to request access to the library here).

If you encounter any issues, please contact us at [email protected]



CAB e-books collection (2011-2024)
Includes: Agriculture, animal & veterinary, Environmental science, Human health & nutrition, Leisure & tourism, and Plant science (589 titles)
Access: EZproxy 



The Focus collection(1995-2024)
Includes 4668 titles covering agricultural, biological, food and environmental sciences (title list)
Access: EZproxy

The Finance collection
Includes 868 titles covering economics, econometrics and finance.
Access: EZproxy


The Government edition (1995-2024)
Includes 2,285 journals (title list)
Access: EZproxy



e-journals & reports

5 collections (no. 1 -)
Includes: Arts & Sciences I, Business I, Business II, Life sciences, and Sustainability
(504 titles & 5,400 research reports: title lists)
Access: EZproxy




5 titles (1997-2024)
Access to the below titles is setup through EZproxy
Nature Climate Change 
Nature Ecology & Evolution 
Nature Food 
Nature Sustainability 




1 collection (2015 - )
Includes the Environment & Agriculture collection (title list)
Access: EZproxy


4 collections (no.1 -)
Includes: Earth sciences, Environment & Agriculture, Bioscience, Food science & technology (204 titles: list)
Access: EZproxy



The UBCM frontlist collection (2016-2024)
(4,858 titles: list)


The Custom Collection (1997-2024)
Includes: Agriculture, aquaculture & food science; Earth, space & environmental science; Social & behavioral science (332 titles: list)
Access: EZproxy


Access to the below titles is setup through EZproxy

Africa Confidential (2 users)
The Chicago Manual of Style
Factiva Reader
Le Monde Diplomatique (1 Apr 2023 — 31 Mar 2024) Create an account with an fao.org email.
Oxford English Dictionary
Oxford Research Encyclopedias: Climate Science
Oxford Research Encyclopedias: Environmental Science
Yearbook of International Organizations

One license only
The Library cannot provide you with direct access to the following resources.
To obtain a PDF, please write us as [email protected] and we will obtain the PDFs for you.
Harvard Business Review
OECD publications
Official Methods of Analysis (AOAC)


Access to the below databases is setup through EZproxy.

Research Online

Access: FAO staff
Full-Text:yes (recommended browser: Edge)


CAB Abstracts

English-language bibliographic and abstract database covering the applied life sciences.
Access: FAO staff 
Full-text: yes 



Bibliographic database 
Access: FAO staff (through EDS interface)
Full-text: no


Economist Intelligence Unit

Access: FAO staff
Full-text: yes


FSTA - Food Science and Technology Abstracts

Access: FAO staff
Full-text: yes (Title list)

Online FAO Library Catalog



FAO documents since 1945 (digital and print), non FAO monographs since 1976 and an extensive FAO and non FAO serials collection.
Access: public (external users access)
Full-text: partially (depending of FAO agreement with publisher)



A multidisciplinary research database with a collection of thousands of scholarly journals, newspapers, magazines, dissertations, working papers, case studies, and market reports.
Access: FAO staff 
Full-text: yes (depending of FAO agreement with publisher)


Web of Science

The world’s largest abstract and citation platform of leading peer-reviewed international and regional scientific literature (published serially) in the natural sciences, social sciences, arts and humanities. More info here.
Access: FAO staff
Full-text: yes (depending of FAO agreement with publisher)