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Library loans


General instructions

Borrowing privileges are for FAO staff only. PSA, Consultants and interns can borrow library material provided that the loans card is signed by an FAO staff.

Library borrowers must complete a loan request form for each item borrowed, signing the receipt in the appropriate box when the publication is collected. We encourage to collect and keep this receipt for each book returned.

If the borrower is unable to fetch a publication him/herself, he/she should authorize another staff member to collect it and to sign the receipt on his/her behalf.

The borrower is responsible for all library material on loan to him/her until the borrowed material has been returned.


Loan Periods:

Borrowed material should be returned on or before the date that it is due. Extension of loans for additional periods may be granted provided that the publication is not requested by another user, simply write us at [email protected].

Books may be kept for one month.

Please note that FAO and non-FAO journals, reference material, FAO documents, IIA & CIS collections are available for in-library use only.


Fines and fees: Avoid fines and fees by returning or renewing books on or before the due date.

  • Lost item processing fee is $25/item
  • Lost item replacement fee is $100

Note: The actual replacement charge will be higher in cases of more valuable items; the fees above are minimums only

At the discretion of the FAO Library, replacement copies of lost books, along with a $25 processing fee, may be accepted in lieu of replacement fees. To be accepted, replacement copies must be the same edition as the one that was lost. They must be new or in excellent condition. Used copies are not acceptable replacements.


Damaged book: Patrons are responsible for books that they have borrowed and will be charged for damage to the book.

Damaged book charge is $10/item as minimum charge. The maximum charge will be for the replacement fee of the book. Patrons may be charged for highlighting, underlining or writing in library books.


Fine payments: You may pay fines in person at the library offices (A012) by cash or with your budget code.

Sanctions: unpaid fines and charges may result in the suspension of borrowing privileges.