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Procedures for library visitors


The David Lubin Memorial Library is open to visitors from 9am until 1pm, Monday through Friday.

Researchers wishing to use the library are required to submit a letter of introduction. This letter should state the purpose of the researcher's study and explain how the DLML collection meets the requestor's research needs. The letter -- printed on the letterhead of the university or institution to which the researcher is affiliated-- should specify the dates of the requested visit and should be signed by the researcher's supervisor.

Scan and send letters of introduction as an email attachment addressed to: 

[email protected]

Requests are subject to the approval of the Library.  Researchers will be notified via email when their request has been approved.

In order to access the FAO premises, visitors should bring:

  • Valid photo ID to present to FAO Security
  • Original letter of introduction to present to library staff

Please note that the maximum duration of a FAO visitor's pass is one week. When the pass expires FAO Library will re-examine the request and eventually extend it for another week if needed.
Letters of introduction are valid for a period of one year after the date of issue.