Locust Watch
Locusts in Caucasus and Central Asia

Regional Consultation on Locust Management in Caucasus and Central Asia (CCA), Almaty, Kazakhstan, 27-30 October 2009

The Agenda of the Regional Consultation was as follows:


1. Opening address 

2. Election of Chairman, Vice-Chairman & Drafting Committee 

3. Adoption of the agenda

Session 1: National locust situations in 2008/2009

4. Presentation by country

Session 2: Towards regional cooperation

5. Presentation of the analytical report on locust situations and management and recommendations

6. Ways and modalities for regional cooperation, including implementation schedule

Session 3: Gathering and sharing information

7. Standard survey and control forms

8. Monthly national locust bulletins 

9. Website “Locust Watch in Caucasus and Central Asia”

Session 4: Next activities within project TCP/INT/3202 (D)

10.  Workshop on locust control: objectives & content

11.  Preparation of the 2010 locust campaign

12.  Any other business


13.  Adoption and signature of the report

14.  Feedback by the participants

15.  Closure address