Markets and Trade

No. 3 Bananas: is there a tariff-only equivalent to the EU tariff rate quota regime? Insights from economic analysis

Year of publication2005
AbstractFollowing its enlargement to include ten Central and Eastern European countries in May 2004, the European Union (EU) has now become the largest banana market in the world. It is forecast to import some 3.8 million tonnes of bananas in 2005, which would account for almost a third of world banana imports. As bananas enter freely into United States territory, and Japanese banana imports originate mainly in Asia, the rapidly approaching change in the EU banana import regime has raised considerable interest and debate amongst ACP and Latin American countries.
Available inEnglish
Product typeJournal, magazine, bulletin
SeriesTrade Policy Technical Notes
Areas of workTrade Policy and Partnerships
Keywordsbananas; imports; tariffs; trade barriers; regulations; economic analysis; European Union