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Food Price Monitoring and Analysis (FPMA) Bulletin #1, 13 February 2024

Monthly report on food price trends

Year of publication2024
AbstractInternational wheat and coarse grain prices declined in January 2024 as large seasonal supplies exerted downward pressure on prices. By contrast, the FAO All Rice Price Index increased by 1.2 percent in January, largely reflecting increases in Indica quotations. FAO’s analysis of domestic staple food prices shows that high price levels persisted in December 2023 and January 2024. In most countries, domestic staple food prices remained elevated due to multiple factors, including conflicts, insecurity and extreme weather events, which constrained food availability and access. Currency weakness remains a compounding factor tightening supply, especially in net food importing countries, through reduced imports due to financial constraints and increasing debt burdens.
Available inEnglish
Product typeJournal; magazine; bulletin
SeriesFood Price Monitoring and Analysis (FPMA)
Areas of workGlobal Information and Early Warning System
KeywordsEarly warning systems, cereals, market prices, retail prices, food prices, maize, wheat, rice, price policies, wholesale prices, prices, sorghum.