International Conference on Millets

Dehradun (India), 04/07/2023 - 05/07/2023

This international conference will offer a venue for scientists, academics, and industry professionals to network and exchange knowledge about millets. This may result in the creation of fresh concepts and team efforts that increase our comprehension of this significant crop. The significance of millet research can be stressed, and the demand for more research in this field can be emphasized, by convening an international conference on millets. An international conference on millets may draw attendees from all over the world, giving attendees the chance to interact with experts from other nations and cultures. This International conference may also contribute to the improvement of millets policy. The conference can serve to identify opportunities and difficulties linked to millets and provide information for the creation of policies that promote their cultivation, production, and consumption by bringing together researchers, policymakers, and stakeholders. Hence we invite all the stakeholders, students, academicians and professionals from national and international community to join this event for taking the action on sustainable millet production to ensure food security and take an action towards climate adaptation.