Fourth Global Meeting of the Mountain Partnership


More than 100 Mountain Partnership (MP) members gathered in Erzurum, Turkey, for the Fourth Global Meeting of the Mountain Partnership on 17-20 September 2013. Participants representing governments, intergovernmental organizations, major group organizations and academic institutions approved the four-year strategy and governance document (2014-2017), developed the building blocks of a two-year workplan and selected a 16-member Steering Committee.
The programme included plenary sessions on topics such as ensuring that mountains are included in the Post-2015 development agenda, the sharing of regional mechanisms and a knowledge platform for sustainable mountain development (SMD). On the third day, governments and organizations selected to serve on the Steering Committee were announced and the assembly agreed on the 'Erzurum Conclusions'.

Parallel meetings at the regional level offered a chance for regions to establish priorities and plan how to coordinate their SMD efforts while a second set of parallel meetings substantiated the functions established in the four-year strategy. Moreover, the outputs and activities in the areas of advocacy, joint action, knowledge management and communication, capacity development and technology transfer, innovation and resource mobilization were outlined, providing the foundation for a two-year workplan.

Among the numerous networking and exchange opportunities were a Members' Fair – a speed geeking session that saw 30 members present their projects or ongoing work – and 13 side-events that took place at lunch time and in the evening.

The fourth and final day featured a field trip to an erosion control project site on the southern slope of Kemerlidağ (2700 m) near the Kardeşler Hamlet of Ulubağ Village and Tortum Falls.

MP Governance and Strategy (2014-2017)
Erzurum Conclusions
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IISD summary report
Meeting programme
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Members’ Fair
Erzurum Report

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