UNFCCC COP 16: Mountain Partnership Side Events

Cancun, Mexico
From: 07.12.2010 to:

Mountain Partnership Event


The side event “Adapting to the impacts of climate change in mountain areas: Innovative approaches at local and national level,” was organized jointly by the governments of Chile and Peru in the context of the Mountain Partnership and focused on sharing positive experiences and innovative examples of adaptation to climate change in mountain regions. While Chile and Peru presented their National Action Plan for Climate Change, the representative of the Regional Government of Cusco, spoke of the positive results achieved so far and the lessons learned that could be useful to other such efforts to adapt to the effects of climate change. The Minister of Environment from Nepal, spoke of his country’s attempts to mobilize governments of mountainous countries to play a more effective role in climate change negotiations, with the aim of having a greater focus on the particular concerns of mountainous countries, given their global significance in terms of water, biodiversity, etc. Warren Evans, Director of Environment at the World Bank, presented a variety of financial mechanisms that are available to support climate change adaptation in mountains. The need to move now from piloting to mainstreaming successful experiences was stressed.


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Photo (c) Raj Taneja / Flickr

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