Bridging the gender gap in rural mountainous regions - challenges: digitalization as one opportunity

From: 07.03.2023 to: 07.03.2023

Mountain regions are often less populated with fragile ecological and economical systems with their communities having less access to education and healthcare than in the cities, in particular women and girls. Climate change and digital divide affect these regions and disproportionally more women and girls, widening existing gender inequalities and posing unique threats to their livelihoods, health, and safety. Despite the fact that often women have strong knowledge of their local environments and promote sustainable practices, both within their households and communities their voices are not always listened or given adequate weight in decision making.

This meeting sponsored by the United Nations Environment Programme and organized by the non-governmental organization (NGO) Committee on the Status of Women Vienna, the NGO Committee on Sustainable Development Vienna and the Alliance of NGOs on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice, with the support of Eurac Research, aims at amplifying rural women and girls' voices and experiences from different rural mountainous regions.

This Orientation Day under the Commission on the Status of Women will investigate the challenges for women and girls from different mountain regions, the potential among other factors of digitalization to a more inclusive and just future for women and girls. Speakers include Sara Manuelli, Mountain Partnership Secretariat; Magdalena Kubal-Czerwinska, University of Kraków; Theresia Oedl-Wieser, Federal Institute of Agricultural Economics, Rural and Mountain Research, Austria; Omer Aijazi, IUCN Mountain Ecosystems Group; Ilina Arsova, mountaineer; and Elene Galia, Svaneti and Entrepreneur.

Date/time: 7 March 2023 at 14.30-16.30 CET / 8.30-10.30 EST
Virtual via zoom - register here

Photo: ©Prosper Mwimanzi

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