12th World Congress of Snow and Mountain Tourism

Encamp, Andorra
From: 20.03.2024 to: 22.03.2024

The World Congress on Snow, Mountain and Wellness Tourism is a joint endeavor involving the Government of Andorra, UN Tourism, and the seven Communes of Andorra,. The primary objective of this congress is to establish a lasting platform for discourse on the progress and sustainability of tourism in mountainous regions. The event occurs biennially and is meticulously organized rotationally by each participating Commune.

Organised as part of the "Five Years of Action for the Development of Mountain Regions", and under the theme "Mountainlikers: Sustainability and Wellbeing, the keys to Mountain Tourism", the Congress will expand its focus this year to include health and wellness tourism, and will continue discussing issues that impact the development of sustainable mountain tourism, such as tourism diversification and the opportunities of emerging tourism products, new technologies, as well as education and training.

Since its inception in 1998, the Congress has been dedicated to addressing cutting-edge topics derived from comprehensive analyses of tourism and social trends, economic conditions, as well as the evolution of communication and analytical resources.

As a testament to its commitment to staying abreast of current developments and the escalating number of participants in each successive edition, the World Congress on Snow, Mountain and Wellness Tourism in Andorra has evolved into a global benchmark. It serves as an unparalleled forum for the exchange of knowledge about trends, tools, and opportunities for tourism development in mountainous areas.

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