ECOSOC 2024 Youth Forum side event: "Elevating mountain youth voices for sustainable mountain development”

From: 17.04.2024 to: 17.04.2024

Mountain ecosystems and their communities remain overlooked on both national and international environmental agendas. Mountain ecosystems are vulnerable and increasingly being affected by climate change. Further, mountain youth face social and geographic isolation and this disconnect limits their opportunities, prompting them to seek opportunities in cities, threatening the sustainable future of mountain ecosystems and communities.

The Mountain Youth Hub (MYH), a youth-led initiative supported by the Mountain Partnership, is focused on amplifying awareness regarding the importance of mountains for people and the planet.  Mountain youth are vital to sustainable mountain development, and one of the main objectives of the MYH is to enable youth across different mountain regions by sharing knowledge, building capacity and fostering a network to empower youth for mountain sustainability.

By participating in this Youth Forum, the MYH aims to raise awareness about mountains and the key role mountain youth play in advancing the 2023 Agenda within the framework of the Five Years of Action for the Development of Mountain Regions 2023-2027.

The event is sponsored by Ev-K2Minoprio, a member of the Mountain Partnership with ECOSOC consultative status. 

Event objectives:

  • highlight linkages between the Five Years of Action and SDGs 2, 13 and 17, showcasing how the MYH contributes to achieving these goals
  • spotlight mountain youth and demonstrate their potential to advance the 2030 Agenda
  • explore innovative solutions adopted and executed by mountain youth to enhance food security, restore mountain ecosystems and enhance sustainability in mountain regions
  • propose local and global sustainable solutions to address mountain challenges such as food security and climate change to which mountains are extremely vulnerable to 

Event agenda:

The event will include a panel discussion with members of the Mountain Youth Hub. The panel will also have a diverse representation of mountain regions, academic backgrounds and professions ranging from policy to restoration and community development.

Event speakers from the MYH:

  • Ashkhen Mesropyan, Armenia
  • Chirry Laurine, Kenya
  • Leila Rossa Mouawad, Lebanon
  • Omar Dairov, Kyrgyzstan
  • Rocío Melina Garcia, Argentina
  • Ritikaa Gupta, Canada
  • Sambat Ranabat, Nepal
  • Sergio Esteban Lozano Baez, Colombia

The side event "Elevating mountain youth voices for sustainable mountain development” will take place online via Zoom on 17 April from 13.30 to 14.30 EDT / 19.30 to 20.30 CEST.

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