ICDRI 2024: Roundtable on partnerships for mountain infrastructure resilience

Bharat Mandapam, New Delhi, India
From: 24.04.2024 to: 24.04.2024

This roundtable session will take place at the International Conference on Disaster Resilient Infrastructure on 24 April from 14.15 to 15.45 IST.

The session is part of the ongoing collaborative process, focusing on understanding the needs, ongoing initiatives and potential opportunities in the resilient infrastructure domain. This roundtable is a convening of representation from the member countries and leading organizations to foster collaborative actions and explore partnerships for CDRI’s mountain infrastructure resilience programme development.

Session Overview

The fragile ecosystems in the mountain regions faced with cascading impacts of multi-hazards coupled with relatively difficult and limited access to services and infrastructure reiterates the need for urgent action. Resilience in the mountain regions is imperative given their unique geographical challenges and constraints in terms of accessibility.

CDRI intends to leverage its unique position to foster collaborative and need-based action to promote the resilience of infrastructure systems to disaster risks in mountain regions across its member countries. It is working to develop a dedicated mountain infrastructure resilience programme targeted at providing technical assistance, capacity development and knowledge exchange support.

Potential Outcomes

The round table will closely look at solutions and opportunities to integrate climate and disaster resilience in infrastructure planning and implementation in the mountain regions. The session deliberations aim to:

  • identify avenues for incorporating risk-information decision-making in infrastructure planning
  • exploring opportunities for collective advocacy and action for integrating DRI in policies, guidelines, tools and capacity development

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