WFC: Mountain Partnership Event

Buenos Aires, Argentina
From: 23.10.2009 to:

Mountain Partnership Event


The session "Mountain forest products and livelihoods'', co-organized by the Mountain Partnership Secretariat, FAO, TMI and Condesan, will be held during the Thirteenth World Forestry Congress (XIII WFC) themed “Forests in Development: A Vital Balance,” co-organized by FAO and the Government of Argentina, on 23 October 2009 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The Mountain Partnership side event, will be chair by José Antonio Prado, Director of the Forest Management Division at FAO, will be focus on forests and biodiversity, connection between South African producers of non-timber forest products and the global market, economic activities that can reduce pressure on Andean forest, ecosystems forests in the service of people; caring for our forests.


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