10th Eastern Himalayan Naturenomics Forum

Dhaka, Bangladesh
From: 11.12.2022 to: 13.12.2022

Global Forest Watch estimates that between 2000-2019, 30,676 square kilometres of forests have been lost in the Eastern Himalayas, causing wide scale land degradation and the devaluation of regenerative ecosystem services that the economies depend on. Building and protecting the region's natural assets is key to meeting net zero targets by 2030, to contribute both to country NDCs as well as building climate resilience in the region – especially pertinent, since temperatures have already risen by 1.3 degrees Celsius in the Hindu-Khush-Himalayan region, which includes the Eastern Himalayas.

This year, in an effort to mitigate the environmental risks that the region currently faces, Bangladesh as the host for the Tenth Eastern Himalayan Naturenomics™️ Forum will bring together experts and thought leaders from business, conservation, the civil service and academia to chart how Bangladesh can lead the Eastern Himalayas in building the world's first climate resilient lab for "Ecology is Economy" by regenerating four key areas: forests, farms, water and soil.

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