Bio-Refineries: ideas for a Sustainable World

Grand Hotel of the lake resort of Pucon, Chile
From: 19.11.2012 to: 21.11.2012

The III Latin American Congress on Biorefinery will be held at the Grand Hotel of the lake resort of Pucon, Chile, between 19 and 21 November 2012. The organization is run by the Technology Development Department, the Center of biotechnology, both from the Concepcion University, and the Science and Technology Department on bioresources at La Frontera University. The Congress is the leading Latin American meeting on new uses of forest biomass, agricultural and microalgae as sources of bio-chemicals and biomaterials. The event is addressed to representatives of the productive, academic and public, in particular, professionals, executives and scientists. The Organizing Committee of the Congress calls for all those interested in participating as an exhibitor, to submit their papers. The abstracts should be focus on challenges and opportunities for bio-refineries in Latin America and the world.


The deadline for abstracts is 30 June 2012.


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