Conference of Mediterranean Mountain National Parks

Marrakech, Morocco
From: 08.12.2022 to: 10.12.2022

The High Atlas, a major geographical feature of the Mediterranean Basin, is one of the 11 areas designated as Mediterranean biodiversity hotspots. It is characterized by high plant diversity, a high rate of endemism, and holds most of the Important Plant Areas of Morocco.

Morocco has ten national parks as protected forests areas, which represent most of the country's ecosystems and contain around 15 percent of the threatened species of the Mediterranean forests. These national parks also have a high potential for sustainable development, particularly in terms of ecotourism and the promotion of local products to enhance community livelihoods.

Toubkal National Park (TNP) was the first national park in the High Atlas Mediterranean biodiversity hotspots, founded in 1924. The TNP is in the heart of a future starry sky reserve "Atlas Dark Sky Reserve".

Therefore, to establish an inventory of the research studies carried out in the TNP territory since its creation, to allow the scientific community to share its experience and data, and to discuss and submit recommendations to the managers of this protected area, the Regional Directorate of Water and Forests and Fight Against Desertification of the High Atlas/Directorate of TNP and the Cadi Ayyad University of Marrakech are organizing this scientific symposium under the theme "Mediterranean and mountainous national parks: Conservation and sustainable development perspectives".

The deadline to register is 30 October 2022.

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Photo: ©Merouane Naghmouchi

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