Women of the Mountains Conference

Orem, Utah, USA
From: 08.03.2011 to:

Mountain Partnership Event


The second international conference, “Women of the Mountains” was held in Orem, Utah, 8-9 March 2011. It was organized in the context of the Mountain Partnership by Utah Valley University, the Mountain Partnership member who also organized the first such conference in 2007. The conference aimed to raise awareness and promote action on gender issues and sustainable mountain development. The conference was also an opportunity to meet together with many of the Mountain Partnership members from the Rocky Mountain region of the U.S.A. and to explore closer cooperation within the region as well as with other mountain areas of the world. Other Partnership members from outside the U.S. attended the event, including the Mountain Societies Development Support Programme (Kyrgyzstan) and the Pan Himalayan Grassroots Development Foundation (India), as well representatives from the Mountain Partnership Secretariat (Zaya Batjargal, Miguel Saravia, Olman Serrano and Doug McGuire).
Many members expressed an interest in exploring the establishment of a new North American hub of the Mountain Partnership Secretariat, since the decision was taken by the Banff Centre in Canada in 2009 to no longer host this arrangement. Since the time the conference ended, active discussions have been taking place amongst many of the members to pursue this idea.


Photo (c) Remi Kaupp / Flickr


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