CBD CoP 10 Mountain Biological Diversity: Mountain Partnership Side Event

Nagoya, Japan
From: 21.10.2010 to:

Mountain Partnership Event


The Mountain Partnership side event held during the CBD COP 10 explored how to facilitate a more effective implementation of the Programme of Work on Mountain Biological Diversity. The COP has established seven thematic programmes of work which correspond to some of the major biomes on the planet and “mountains” are one of those. Douglas McGuire, Coordinator of the Mountain Partnership Secretariat, who moderated the meeting noted the Programme of Work on Mountain Biological Diversity offers a great opportunity to promote and monitor progress in mountain ecosystems but this is still not widely adhered to by countries and for instance the respond rate to the latest Secretariat survey was not adequate. Willy Geiger, Vice Director of the Swiss Federal Office for the Environment, launched the publication “Mountain Biodiversity and Global Change,” produced by the Global Mountain Biodiversity Assessment (GMBA) in collaboration with the Swiss Cooperation, to highlight the role and importance of mountain biodiversity and sensitize readers to the challenges posed to it by global changes. Noting that many members identified the need for additional capacity building, Rosalaura Romeo, Mountain Partnership Secretariat officer, presented the International Programme on Research and Training for Sustainable Management of Mountain Areas (IPROMO). The Programme, established in conjunction with the University of Turin, this year will focus on protecting mountain biodiversity as a contribution to the observance of the International Year of Biodiversity. Participants finally discussed financing mechanisms, including GEF funding for biodiversity protection.


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Photo (c) Bas Boerman / Flickr

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