The Side Event “Sustainable Mobility in Mountain Areas”

UN Headquarters, New York
From: 12.05.2010 to:

Mountain Partnership Event


The Side Event “Sustainable Mobility in Mountain Areas” was held at the 18 session of the United Nation Commission on Sustainable Development (CSD18), in New York on 12th May, 2010. The panelists, Mattia Poretti (Swiss Development Cooperation), Margrete Sagevik (International Union of Railways), Filippo Dal Fiore (MIT Senseable Cities Lab) Piercarlo Sandei (UNEP), and Luca Cetara (SWOMM Scientific Secretariat) were welcomed by Paola Lucarelli, Vice Head of the Cabinet of the Italian Ministry for the Environment, Land and Sea. The meeting was facilited by Douglas McGuire (Coordinator, Mountain Partnership Secretariat - FAO). The speakers addressed the issue of sustainable mobility in developed and developing mountain areas, stressing the impact of infrastructure and transports on ecosystems and remote communities as well as the key role played by mobility in the promotion of access to markets, education, health services, promoting social and human advancement of mountain areas of developing countries.They also pointed out some possible interventions to undertake in order to assist sustainable development, such as improving freight and passenger’s railway displacements. Another suggestion was that of exploiting advanced technologies to collect data for up-to-date policies formulation. The speakers encouraged the implementation of integrated policies approach gathering together different levels of governance and conceiving the mobility as part of a systematic territorial planning exercise, which also involves energy, business and public services.


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Photo (c) Aris Mihich / FAO

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