International Mountain Conference 2025

Innsbruck, Austria
From: 14.09.2025 to: 18.09.2025

The University of Innsbruck has announced that the next International Mountain Conference (IMC) will take place on 14–18 September 2025 in Innsbruck, Austria. The key goals of the conference are to synthesize and enhance understanding of mountain systems, especially the impacts of global change. The conference will build upon previous IMCs and aims to support the continuation of mountain research.

The tentative timeline for the event includes a call for focus sessions at the end of 2024, a call for abstracts from January to February 2025, and registration from March to May 2025. The final schedule for the conference will be released online in July 2025.

The Research Area "Mountain Regions" at the University of Innsbruck is the organizer of the new IMC conference series. Its foundation was motivated by the University's long tradition of research in mountain areas worldwide, combined with its location in the European Alps.

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Photo: ©Sandra Uschnig

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