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How to join the Mountain Partnership

Those interested in joining the Mountain Partnership, should check to be sure that their institution or organization meets with the criteria for membership.

Kindly fill out the application form, indicating the mountain development activities and other details about your government / group / organization as well as how you intend to contribute to achieving the mission of the Mountain Partnership.

In the interest of transparency and the full participation of all members, the Mountain Partnership Secretariat may share the information you provide with other members.

Once requests have been approved by the Mountain Partnership Secretariat, new members are sent an official welcome letter.

Download application form

By applying for membership, you confirm that you hereby accept the terms and conditions described in the FAO Data Protection and Privacy Notice. Click here to view the FAO Data Protection and Privacy Notice. Mountain Partnership Focal Points and Alternate Focal Points' titles and contact information will be listed publicly on your member detail page so that other members can contact you for potential joint collaborations and actions to promote sustainable mountain development. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns of how your personal data is processed by us. 

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