Mountain Partnership Products Database

Purple rice is an indigenous crop cultivated by small-scale Indian Himalayan farmers as a ceremonial food. Traditionally called “Forbidden Rice”, legend tells us that this ancient grain was once eaten exclusively by the Emperors of China. Local communities believe that planting purple [...]
Himali black lentils are an indigenous Nepali lentil variety, mainly cultivated by Tamang and Gurung small-scale mountain farmers. Tamang are an indigenous people of Rasuwa and its adjoining districts, Kathmandu Valley and Kavrepalanchok. Himali black lentils are a food typical [...]
Jumla’s Mixed Beans are a traditional mixture of beans from the Jumla District of Nepal in the Himalayan region. A mixture of black, red, yellow and spotted beans, this indigenous food has a unique taste and great nutritional value. These [...]
Ceibal Coffee is traditionally grown by mountain family farmers in the protected Santa Fe park area and its surroundings with traditional practices that preserve the local culture and natural resources. The mixture of the warm and humid tropical climate, the fertile volcanic and loam soil and the [...]
This felt ornament is handmade in Mongolia by women in rural herding communities in the Altai Mountains. It is made of lamb’s wool, sheered using hand tools and coloured with natural dyes. The women use the traditional ‘wet-felting’ technique. Felt [...]
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