Name of Product: Rosehip Tea
Product Type: Beverages
MP Region: Central Asia
Country of origin: Kyrgyz Republic
Name of the Mountain Area: Jalal-Abad
Altitude Range: Class 4: elevation 1 500-2 500 m and slope ≥ 2
Narrative label: This rosehip tea is made of dried rosehip collected by a group of rural Kyrgyz mountain women. Dried wild mountain herbs and fruits are part of the traditional Kyrgyz nomad diet and different blends of tea are consumed according to the occasion, age and mood of the consumer. Rosehip, in particular, is rich in vitamin C and flavonoids and thus is appreciated for its antioxidant effect.

The Agency of Development Initiatives (ADI) is a network of community-based organizations. ADI supports its members in gaining access to economic resources and in running effective income-generating activities in rural areas. The ADI Self Help Group dedicated to mountain teas is composed of less than ten women. Seeing as the demand for medicinal herbs is growing, this project means stable and secure income for the women involved and their children.

ADI women perform each step of the tea production process by hand and respecting the environment. First, wild rosehips are collected and grouped in small batches, without using machinery so as to ensure no impurities remain. Then, the rosehip is dried in sites that are specially designed to preserve at best the composition and properties of fruits and herbs. No chemicals and pesticides are used, thus keeping the soil organic and healthy.

This rosehip grows in the magnificent Turgen canyon, close to the remote Ak-Bulun village, Kyrgyz Republic, at about 2 000 m of elevation.

Simply pour 1-2 units of dried rosehip in boiling water, squash them and let them rest for 15-20 minutes to enjoy the mountain flavor at its best.
Producer: Agency of Development Initiatives (ADI) Self-Help Group
Contact person: Aida Jamangulova: [email protected]
Labelled since: 10.04.2017
Label latest verification: 10.04.2017
Type of producer: Cooperative, Women association
Smallholder: yes
Size of company: 1-10 people
Distribution channel: Intermediary, Local market
At risk of disappearing: Yes, the activity of picking and packaging mountain herbs is being increasingly replaced by commercial activities.
Traditional product/production: Yes, dried wild mountain herbs and fruits are part of the traditional Kyrgyz nomad diet.
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