Name of Product: Chamomile Tea
Product Type: Beverages
MP Region: Asia and the Pacific
Country of origin: India
Name of the Mountain Area: Uttarakhand, Himalayan Region
Altitude Range: Class 4: elevation 1 500-2 500 m and slope ≥ 2
Narrative label: This chamomile tea is produced by a group of female farmers in the remote mountains of Uttarakhand in the Indian Himalayan range. The women pick the flowers by hand in the early morning so that all of their relaxing and healing properties are fully preserved. Chamomile was recently introduced to the area to complement the existing farming systems and provide women with a supplementary source of income.

This herbal tea is made from dried chamomile flowers only. Rich in vitamins A and C, it contains essential oils and antioxidants. Caffeine-free, chamomile tea helps relieve stress and promotes relaxation. Its phytotherapic properties were known to the Ancient Egyptians, who dedicated chamomile to their sun god, Ra, because of its healing power.

Chamomile is grown and processed at 1 800 metres above sea level in the mountains of the Indian Himalayas, in a tiny hamlet on a ridge near the town of Ranikhet, in the northern state of Uttarakhand.

Flowers are sun dried using passive solar heating, respecting the environment.

Mahila Umang Producers Company is a collective of female self-help groups and producers that promotes sustainable livelihoods through the establishment of micro-enterprises. The producers run their enterprises following fair trade, ecological, economic and equitable principles. The self-help group dedicated to chamomile is composed of about 150 women distributed among numerous tiny land holdings in the Gagas river basin.
Producer: Mahila Umang Producers Company
Contact person: Kalyan Paul: [email protected]
Labelled since: 10.04.2017
Label latest verification: 10.04.2017
Type of producer: Family farmer, Community, Producers organization, Women association
Smallholder: yes
Size of company: > 50 people
Distribution channel: Direct sale, Export, Local market, Online, Retailer
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