Our Home – Manyava

Our Home – Manyava is an environmental youth NGO based in the mountainous village of Manyava, Ukraine. The organization was established in 2003 by young people with a mission to help solve environmental issues in the Ukrainian Carpathians and cultivate locals’ awareness of and commitment to the environment and its natural resources. 

Their mission is to create positive change in response to environmental issues in the Carpathians using principles of sustainable development, and to protect the environmental rights of mountain communities to improve their quality of life.

Today, Our Home - Manyava is composed of 12 members and 15 volunteers, and partners with 27 NGOs both within Ukraine and around the world.

Our Home – Manyava has implemented 32 projects supported by national and international funds. Their current programmes include: climate change and climate adaptation, small rivers conservation and water resources management, sustainable development of the Carpathians and the SDGs, and people and mountains.

In addition to being a Mountain Partnership member, Our Home – Manyava is a collaborative member of the Eastern Partnership, National Working Climate Group, WSSCC Community, Global Water Partnership, Water Action Hub, the European Water Resources Association, the Mountain Research Initiative and CAN-International. 

Member category Nongovernmental Organizations
Country Ukraine
Area Europe
Focal Point title Director
Focal Point Mykola Skydaniuk
Alternate Focal Point title Deputy Director
Alternate Focal Point Roman Strutynskiy
Address 26 Nezaleshnosty Str, Office 4, Manyava Village, Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast, Bogorodchany District, 77772 Ukraine
Telephone 00968200641
Email [email protected]
Website https://ourhomemanyava.com/
Electoral Group Europe Major Groups
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