Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (CAAS)

The Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (CAAS) is a national, integrative, agricultural science research organization that conducts both basic and applied research, as well as innovative research into new technologies affecting agriculture. CAAS is dedicated to overcoming a broad range of challenges affecting agricultural development and supports local rural economies. Importantly, CAAS promotes sustainable agriculture both within and outside China, extending its reach through technology exchange and cooperative research agreements with agricultural research institutions/universities both domestically and internationally. CAAS would like to share its Chinese experience and technologies for the development of mountain regions, and to use its knowledge, information and expertise to address threats, build capacity, improve farmers’ quality of life and sustain healthy environments in the world's mountains.

Member category Nongovernmental Organizations
Country China
Area Asia and the Pacific
Specific Region(s) East Asia
Head Tang Huajun
Focal Point title Division Chief for Multilaterial Partnership, Department of International Cooperation
Focal Point Zhai Lin
Alternate Focal Point title Programme Officer, Multilaterial Partnership, Department of International Cooperation
Alternate Focal Point Qi Yanzhou
Address 12 Zhongguancun South Street, 100081, Beijing, China
Telephone 00861082109346
Email [email protected]
Email 2 [email protected]
Electoral Group Asia and the Pacific Major Groups
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