Cafe Export Colombia

Cafe Export Colombia is a project which supports 388 families (about 2,000 people) to access the International Coffee Market.

With their own laboratory, producers can get to know the quality of their own product for the first time. In addition, the 309 producers who get a new wash station can reduce water consumption by 90%.

The goal of the project is to install 3 coffee laboratories in three different Colombian regions. Moreover, the project would like to build 309 beneficios (washing machines for coffee) in the department of Norte de Santander which would reduce the water consumption.  

Member category Nongovernmental Organizations
Country Colombia
Area South America
Geographic focus of work Boyaca, Norte De Santander and Huila
Specific Region(s) Labateca, Toledo and Chitaga in Norte de Santander, San Eduardo (Boyaca) and Teruel (Huila)
Head Klaus Klein
Focal Point title CEO
Focal Point Klaus Klein
Alternate Focal Point title Adviser
Alternate Focal Point Riccardo Mazzucchelli
Telephone 005714765596
Email [email protected]
Email 2 [email protected]
Electoral Group South America Major Groups
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