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Active Remedy Ltd. is a Not for Profit Company registered in the U.K. It was founded in order to find a viable solution to the problems that are occurring and escalating in Earths' freshwater cycle. We are dedicated to the protection and long-term sustainability of the global freshwater cycle through the protection and restoration of the environments, which it is dependent upon. Chief amongst these are mixed indigenous mountain forests, which are a vital component of healthy rivers and watersheds.

 "We recognize the key role that ecosystems play in maintaining water quantity and quality and support actions within the respective national boundaries to protect and sustainably manage these ecosystems." (The Future We Want RES/A/66/288 para.122)

 It has now been concluded by U.N Water that the ecosystems and environments, such as the hydrological cycle, which maintain essential services needed for all life on Earth are threatened with collapse if not given appropriate and immediate attention.

 “Maintaining the integrity of ecosystems before they become compromised is an essential component of achieving water security and reducing the potential for conflicts. The continuous pace of human development is threatening the capacity of ecosystems to adapt, raising concerns that ecosystems will reach a tipping point after which they are no longer able to provide sustaining functions and services, and will become unable to recover their integrity and functions (Maas, 2012). Establishing sustainability boundaries will set the capacity of ecosystems before their limit is surpassed, acting as a preventative measure before crises and conflicts arise.”(U.N Water Security paper August 2012).

 With this knowledge the key roles that ecosystems, especially mountains, mixed indigenous mountain forests and wetlands play in maintaining freshwater quantity and quality globally, need to be given top priority. Supportive efforts that protect, sustainably manage and restore these ecosystems need to be undertaken as a matter of urgency for water security, which is central to national and international security.

 “Ensuring that ecosystems are protected and conserved is central to achieving water security – both for people and for nature. Ecosystems are vital to sustaining the quantity and quality of water available within a watershed, on which both nature and people rely. Maintaining the integrity of ecosystems is essential for supporting the diverse needs of humans, including domestic, agricultural, energy and industrial water use, and for the sustainability of ecosystems, including protecting the water-provisioning services they provide.” (U.N Analytical Brief 22/3/13)

 We at Active Remedy Ltd consider these issues to be of paramount importance for the sustenance of all life on Earth and central to all Sustainable Development goals. We are working on initiating and implementing a feasibility study, which could guide a global action plan in the protection and regeneration of these vital water resourcing ecosystems.

“Water, economic and environmental security are inherently interconnected. Human life is intimately linked to, and utterly dependent on, the functions and services provided by freshwater ecosystems. Safe, reliable water supplies, flood protection, commercial and subsistence fisheries, cultural and spiritual values – the very foundations of economic development and human well-being – all depend on maintaining the integrity of the planet’s aquatic ecosystems.”  (U.N Water Security August 2012)

Therefore we have formulated a model that could be used for the restoration of indigenous mountain forests globally. It demonstrates ways of regenerating and sustaining healthy mountain environments and their communities. We have termed this model: ‘The Sacred Groves & Green Corridor Method’ for repairing the ‘Roof of the World’. This model demonstrates ways of working in supportive ways with local mountain communities and recognizes that they play a fundamental role as stewards of freshwater, watersheds and the natural environments, which maintain environmental stability globally.

We believe that this model has the potential to be used successfully throughout mountain regions worldwide and to join together many diverse groups in a global water security program.


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