Foundation for Sustainable Development of Altai (FSDA)

The mission of FSDA is assistance to conservation of mountain environments and development of mountain communities in Altai through FSDA project activities in thematic directions since 2002: i). Protected Areas (PAs) and Indigenous People and Local Communities Conserved Areas (ICCAs), ii). Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation and Indigenous People, iii). Ecotourism in Mountain areas v). Protection of cultural and natural heritage of local/indigenous communities (conservation of sacred sites).  Geographic scopes: Altai Republic of Russia, Central Asia, the whole Altai-Sayan Ecoregion (Russian Altai and Sayan, Kazakstan Altai, Chinese Altai and Mongolian Altai Mountain Areas), the whole Russia.

Member category Major Groups Organizations
Country Russian Federation
Area Asia and the Pacific
Geographic focus of work Altai-Sayan Ecoregion, Russia
Head Chagat Almashev
Head title Director of FSDA
Focal Point title Director of FSDA
Focal Point Chagat Almashev
Address Office 31, Comministichesky Str. 56, Gorno-Altaisk, Altai Republic, Russia 649000 (for correspondence PO Box 171)
Telephone 0073882222696
Fax 0073882241285
Email [email protected]
Email 2 [email protected]
Electoral Group Asia and the Pacific Major Groups
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