Global and Local Information Partnership (GLIP)

The Global and Local Information Partnership (GLIP)’s main focus is on conserving high mountain biodiversity, such as snow leopard habitat and prey species conservation (argali, ibex, marmot etc.)in the Central Tien Shan (Sarychat Eertash reserve) as well as on high mountain climate change adaptation. GLIP is engaged in the development of multiple income generation activities in high mountain areas in the Akshiyrak, Enilchek and Karakolka villages, among others, of the Central Tien Shan. Activities include yak breeding, livestock breed improvement, wool and felt processing.
Sustainable using natural resources is one of the directions of its work, as they promote the rehabilitation of the traditional knowledge their grandparents used in pasture rotation, which was forgotten in past times.
A subcontractor of WWF Russia, they also engage in eco education, the promotion of renewable energy using, water supply improvement and revolving fund establishment and management. GLIP prepared the «Climate change vulnerability assessment for Central Tian–Shan, Kyrgyzstan».

Member category Major Groups Organizations
Country Kyrgyz Republic
Area Central Asia
Head Farida Balbakova
Head title Director
Focal Point title Director
Focal Point Farida Balbakova
Alternate Focal Point title Biodiversity expert
Alternate Focal Point Alamanov Azat
Address Osmonova str 101/1, Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic
Telephone 00996556527277
Email [email protected]
Email 2 [email protected]
Electoral Group Central Asia Major Groups
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