Fundación Participación y Sostenibilidad (PASOS)

Fundación Participación y Sostenibilidad (PASOS) contributes to the economic revitalization of local territories in the Andes, reducing the economic, political and social gaps, with positive effects on food security, ensuring the full exercise of the rights and the participation of all local actors involved.

Fundación PASOS aims at bringing impact on the ground by providing alternatives to generate employment, income and income distribution within the framework of political and social participation and alliances among economic and social organizations at local and regional levels. Fundación PASOS also supports the drafting, monitoring and negotiation of public policy proposals to improve the living conditions of the mountain communities of Chuquisaca and in particular their food security, in line with environment and biodiversity protection.

Member category Major Groups Organizations
Country Bolivia (Plurinational State of)
Area South America
Geographic focus of work Bolivia
Specific Region(s) Chuquisaca
Head Roxana Dulón Gonzáles
Head title Director
Focal Point title Director
Focal Point Roxana Dulón Gonzáles
Alternate Focal Point Antonio Aramayo
Address Calle Boqueron Nº 11 (Zona Pockonas), Sucre, Bolivia
Telephone 0059146434438
Email [email protected]
Email 2 [email protected]
Electoral Group South America Major Groups
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