Coopedota is a cooperative of coffee growers located in Dota County, Los Santos, Costa Rica, committed to the economic, environmental and social development of the area. Founded in 1960 by a group of 96 producers, Coopedota has 800 active partners today and an average production of 50 000 46-kilogram-bags of green coffee beans.

Coopedota provides its coffee producers with technical assistance for managing their plantations, aiming to produce coffee that is sustainable both in the agronomical and social senses. 

Fifteen years ago, Coopedota adopted several sustainable practices across its value chain to produce high-quality coffee that is low in carbon dioxide emissions, including:

  • Replacing 95 percent of the firewood used in the coffee drying process with coffee husks; 
  • Reducing power consumption by over 35 percent; 
  • Reducing water consumption by 80 percent and eliminating discharges into the local river;
  • Improving waste management in the community;
  • Encouraging the use of organic, non-chemical fertilizers; and
  • Continuing to innovate with projects on biofuels and gasification. 


Member category Major Groups Organizations
Country Costa Rica
Area North and Central America and the Caribbean
Geographic focus of work Tarrazu Region
Head Luis Fernando Madrigal Gómez
Head title General manager
Focal Point title General manager
Focal Point Luis Fernando Madrigal Gómez
Alternate Focal Point title Financial Director
Alternate Focal Point Christian Chinchilla
Address Plaza De Deportes, Santa Maria de Dota, San Jose, Costa Rica
Telephone 50625410101
Email [email protected]
Email 2 [email protected]
Electoral Group North & Central America and the Caribbean Major Groups
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