Association AlVelAl

AlVelAl has more than 170 members (farmers, businessmen and women, teachers, researchers, municipalities, universities and research institutes) and it focuses its work on three main issues: 1) preventing mountain areas to be left deserted 2) contrasting the effects of climate change 3) restoring the social, economic, environmental and cultural capital of mountain landscapes.

AlVelAl is a grassroot, buttom-up association, which works on the empowerment of mountain people through capacity building activities. It engages mountain communities in decision-making processes that affect them and the ecosystems they inhabit.

AlVelAl builds networks among farmers, businessmen and women, the youth and women so that different stakeholders can share their knowledge on agroecology, value chains and business models.

AlVelAl is committed to maintain and enhance the conservation, health, vitality and stewardship of mountain ecosystems in order to preserve their value and the benefit they provide to mountain communities and to communities living in the surrounding lowlands.

Member category Major Groups Organizations
Country Spain
Area Europe
Geographic focus of work The steppe highplains (800 – 2.400 meters above sea level) in Southeast Spain. We will extend our work to the provinces of Albacete and Jaén. We are part of other initiatives in Alicante, Comunidad Valenciana, Australia and South Africa
Specific Region(s) AlVelAl is working on a territory which is more than 1.000.000 hectares big and it includes 76 municipalities (243.000 inhabitants) that are spread across 3 provinces and two Autonomous Regions (Andalusia and Murcia).
Head Cristóbal Aránega Cuevas
Head title President
Focal Point title Board member for Culture, Coordinator Commission for Culture, Education and Tourism
Focal Point Dietmar Roth
Alternate Focal Point title Coordinator
Alternate Focal Point Elvira Marín Irigaray
Telephone 0034671999269
Email [email protected]
Email 2 [email protected]
Electoral Group Europe Major Groups
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