Nature Conservation Initiative Nepal (NCI-Nepal)

Nature Conservation Initiative Nepal (NCI-Nepal) is a youth-led, science-based organization that maintains connection with social aspects of communities where it works. NCI-Nepal works in a variety of capacities, including: researching ecosystems’ functions and biodiversity conservation, considering sustainable development; innovating new ways to minimize environmental pollution; mitigating impacts of climate change and advocating for adaptation mechanisms; sensitizing communities to disaster risk reduction and management; conserving water and managing watersheds; developing and implementing clean energy; and organizing local, regional, national and international trainings, workshops and conferences. NCI-Nepal prioritizes knowledge sharing by promoting international exposure to its representatives in order to share and gain information on challenges and opportunities in mountains.

Member category Major Groups Organizations
Country Nepal
Area Asia and the Pacific
Geographic focus of work Himalayas of Nepal
Head Raju Dangal
Focal Point title Program Coordinator
Focal Point Badri Baral
Alternate Focal Point title Program Coordinator
Alternate Focal Point Sudeep Bhandari
Address Jorpati, Gokarneshwor-5, Bagmati Province, Nepal
Telephone 00977014911779
Email [email protected]
Email 2 [email protected]
Electoral Group Asia and the Pacific Major Groups
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